All buildings are made intelligent with KNX

Intelligent building control from Schneider Electric now unites functions under one roof which were previously controlled separately – and this with optimum energy consumption. It is based on KNX – a standard suitable for all types of buildings.

Everything Under One Roof

With a new building or building modernisation, whether for commercial or private use, one challenge you’ll face is how to accommodate such a wide range of requirements under one roof. How can I achieve long-term savings on energy costs? How can I secure the building against break-ins? These are questions every house builder and investor will face. Schneider Electric KNX solutions have the answers.


Globally valid standard

KNX is a global standard used by 175 manufacturers worldwide.

Certified system

All KNX products – regardless of manufacturer – are certified by the KNX Association, which guarantees their compatibility.

Cost efficiency

KNX guarantees savings on energy consumption and hence on costs too. Mounting times are short and installation is simple, quick and safe.

Flexibility via expandability

The KNX system can be easily adapted should requirements in a building change without tearing open walls and laying new cables.

Less energy, more efficiency

Reliable energy efficiency with KNX and SeeTool

With the SeeTool, making energy efficiency a reality is simple. It reveals concrete potential savings for your building – when compared to conventional installations – as early as the planning phase and provides solutions for building control with KNX so this potential can be exploited to the full.